Doctor reveals new pill’s S.P.A.R. formula could...

“Rewind” Old Age?

Clinical studies show new discoveries help
improve your joints, body fat, blood pressure, triglycerides,
skin, energy, brain power and blood sugar.
See for yourself the shocking results below…

Interviewer: “A breakthrough pill that “rewinds” old age?

“Helps lower triglycerides, improves blood pressure…supports better blood sugar …younger joints…a younger memory…helps boost decision-making brain power...helps replace wrinkles with smoother skin…and gives more energy?

“With ingredients backed by science?

“It sounds more like science fiction…but one doctor says it’s now possible for seniors to have all that…and more.

“It’s simply the best solution I’ve ever seen for the physical, mental, emotional and even sexual health of anyone between the ages of 50 and 90.

“And it could start making you feel younger in as little as 7 days.”

Dr. Gerhauser: “I’ve been practicing medicine for almost four decades now. So, yes, I was skeptical too. But the science is undeniable.”

Interviewer: “His name is Dr. Richard Gerhauser. And thanks to a real-life ‘age-rewinding’ capsule he’s developed, he’s challenging the laws of biology…and raising a few eyebrows.”

Dr. Gerhauser: “I’m 67 years old. My sons are very athletic. But I could go out right now keep up with them on a steep mountain trail. I hunt elk in the Arizona and Colorado wilderness and I carry back my 200-pound prize, by myself. I lift weights, I have the energy of a teenager. And I’m still busy practicing medicine.”

Interviewer: “Some might say Dr. Gerhauser hit the genetic lottery. But cutting-edge science shows the ingredients in this unusual pill could have most anyone feeling younger. And it’s based on a new technology we call S.P.A.R.

Dr. Gerhauser: “It doesn’t slow down aging. It’s much more powerful than that. It’s as if S.P.A.R. slams down the ‘rewind’ button on the mind and body. Think back to when your body felt more energized…more alive than it is now. Or when your brain felt like a supercomputer, ready to remember new information each day. And that’s just the beginning.”

Interviewer: “Scientific studies on this breakthrough’s ingredients are supporting these results…and these studies come from around the globe. Today, Dr. Gerhauser has agreed to show you the science behind the ingredients in this pill…and how it’s now available to seniors like you! For the first time, it’s available to a select group of Americans. And now, here’s Dr. Gerhauser.”

Listen to what a scientist said from the cutting-edge clinic called The Institute for Molecular Medicine:

“One of the things we’ve done with the aging process is we’ve taken people that were fatigued, 90 years old plus, and we’ve improved their mitochondria to a 30 year old’s.”

Think about that. 90 years old…to 30 years old.

They described how part of a simple treatment we call just a few weeks…helped people feel younger: “Mental function, physical function, you name it.”

It sounds like something from a movie. But it’s real

This was determined by measuring fatigue…which is connected to your mitochondrial health…which is a marker for age.

You’ve probably seen reports from The New York Times, Scientific American, and Newsweek on how scientists can now extend the life of mice a full 35% with genetic engineering, showing just how far science has progressed when it comes to longevity.

Not only that, but the mice run around as if they were young again.

You might ask, “But that’s just mice, right?”

That’s a great point to bring up, and something I always consider as a doctor and researcher. Because…

For a brief time, we saw these results
only in animals…but now…

Scientists have begun tests with humans. And they’re showing improvements to the brain

Scientists at the Department of Biomedical Sciences in an Italian University ran a test…

They gave a certain compound that’s also part of S.P.A.R. to volunteers and they reported their memory and focus all improved…and their decision-making ability increased by 72%.

They also reported this compound cut pain from overworked joints practically in half!

Again, in just a few short weeks.

My friend, I’ll cut to the chase.

These compounds are battling the aging process.

Let me repeat that…

Not only are they making people “feel better” and helping them “age better”…it’s like…

They are rewinding aging at the biological level

Like I said before, it comes down to the measurement of fatigue…which is an indicator of mitochondrial health…which is a marker for aging.

It’s finally come true…

As professor of genetics Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School has said, “There is no maximum human life span. Anyone who says that, doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Better brain power and better-feeling joints, however, are just the beginning. As you’ll soon see, scientists have figured out a way to change the health of virtually every single cell of our bodies.

We’ve given it the acronym S.P.A.R.

I’ll reveal what it stands for in a moment. But the important thing for you to know is, these results are now available…

…in a new pill.

And it’s time for America to know about S.P.A.R.

I predict, in just a couple years, the way we think about aging will completely change

If you get to test this revolutionary breakthrough, you could stride into the doctor’s office at your next appointment…

…and try your best to hide your Cheshire cat grin as your doctor starts asking how you feel…

You admit your knees feel like brand-new because the pain in your overworked joints is VANISHING

Just for fun, you might ask your doctor about something he mentioned the year before, just to see if he notices your sharper memory

…but the best part might be when he says, “You’re looking thinner”…

…or when he does a double-take, seeing your smoother skin.

You shrug your shoulders, wondering how to explain why you feel so much younger than your last visit.

Finally, he shakes his head with a smile and simply says, “Keep up the good work!

“You’re looking great. Whatever you’ve been doing…it’s like you’re getting younger. See you next year!”

“Well, that was easy!” you think.

As you walk back outside, you realize this could be a new life with a “younger you”. All thanks to the S.P.A.R. process.

In this presentation, I’m going to show you
how this breakthrough works

I’ll show you the exact pill I’ve been taking myself and giving to my older patients.

I’ll show you everything that’s in it.

And most importantly, I’ll show you how you can get it for yourself.

This is something every American over 50 needs to know.

My name’s Dr. Richard Gerhauser.

I’ve always been obsessed with studying the latest health science, even before I began my almost 40-year career practicing medicine. My focus has always been helping folks feel younger.

It’s how I discovered S.P.A.R. and how it’s now available in a single pill.

As you heard, this new breakthrough could help give you better blood pressure. Better blood sugar. Lower triglycerides. Better heart health.

You’ll feel more energy

You might wonder how something this powerful was discovered…

Pay close attention to this story…

It might sound like something out of a Hollywood movie. But it’s documented fact.

In the early 1940s, a brilliant young scientist named Dr. Eikermann tinkered away in his laboratory.

Although he didn’t realize it at the time, he was inching closer to discovering something shocking

…a health breakthrough that’s redefining how we see human aging today…

But then, tragedy struck…

World War 2 erupted and bombs blasted half his laboratory into rubble.

The genius scientist didn’t give up. After the war ended, he returned to his research. Alone. He didn’t have any kind of staff.

But that didn’t stop him from making the discovery of the century

He found something that FLOODS your body with life-changing energy. Not a stimulant. Not something that only makes you feel better – even though it does.


This breakthrough – a part of what we call S.P.A.R. – reinvigorates your cells

Dr. Eikermann lived to age 95. But you won’t find him in standard history books. He didn’t win the scientific awards he deserved.

Why? Because he never got his breakthrough to work beyond his lab. Plus, in the chaos and carnage of the war, the significance of his work was forgotten.

The world almost missed out on this breakthrough…

For decades, it seemed as if mankind would never benefit from his life’s devotion…

Fortunately, a select group of researchers carried the torch.

In 1985, two scientists used part of S.P.A.R. to restore old mouse cells to youth. They even patented their breakthrough.

Then, scientists in Italy stumbled upon the same secret while studying 100-year-olds. They were searching to see if these super-healthy people had anything in common…

…and they did.

Finally, after decades of worldwide research, the puzzle was solved.

“Age-rewinding” has become a reality for humans…and it’s all part of the process we call S.P.A.R.

It stands for Spontaneous Age Rejuvenation

…and it’s now working in humans. The Institute for Molecular Medicine reported that one part of this process - called lipid replacement therapy - was able to restore the mitochondria of 90-year-olds to that of 30-year-olds.


90-year-olds…to 30-year-olds.

What’s S.P.A.R.’s secret?

It supports something in the human body called mitochondrial function.

Mitochondrial function

Mitochondrial function is the key to fighting old age

I’ll share the science in a moment. Even though it took a small army of Medical Doctors to crack the aging code, you don’t need a PhD to understand how S.P.A.R. works.

In fact, even if you don’t understand this process at all…as long as you use it…

I can’t wait to hear about how you feel younger. The bottom-line is…

YOU can reset how you feel…because of how S.P.A.R. helps fight aging in your mitochondria.

Perhaps you’ve heard of “mitochondria” before. They’re little parts of your cells. The human body contains about 37.2 TRILLION (37,200,000,000,000) of them!

Even though mitochondria are tiny, they are absolutely CRUCIAL for your health and energy.

That’s because mitochondria work inside our cells like teeny-tiny energy generators.

In fact, 95% of all the energy in your body is made by these tiny power plants

They provide the raw energy for every vital process in your body

They keep your heart beating strong…

Your immune system strong …

Your brain humming along…

Your skin tight and healthy…

…and thousands and thousands of other things your body does 24/7 to keep you healthy.

In fact, they’re so powerful, some people even call them “God’s Fingerprints”… that’s how important they are to your good health.

And because they supply 95% of your body’s energy, you can imagine what it would be like if your mitochondria weren’t working as well as they could…

When our mitochondria become sluggish and slow…we feel older

This is exactly what happens as the years go by.

Researchers found our mitochondria’s power gets cut in half from the time you’re 38 to 68.

It gets worse…

As a senior, you have only a tiny fraction of the healthy mitochondria compared to when you were 10 years old.

Ever see how a young child can run around and around the house for hours, laughing and yelling…while her parents can barely keep up?

And then you thought about how YOU felt?

Mitochondria make a major difference.

And it’s not just energy. The science is clear…

Harvard researchers now agree:

Dwindling mitochondria does NOT just come with “old age”…it’s a critical cause of “old age”!

That’s right, when your mitochondria die…you get older. It’s the actual biological reason why.

However, it’s not your fault…and today, all this is actually good news.


Because of S.P.A.R., you can now improve your mitochondria, meaning…

Your energy floods back…

Your zest for life

That “certain something” you had as a fearless, silly, stubborn youngster.

Remember that?

Remember when you ran around, just for fun? Remember when aches and pains from overworked joints didn’t interfere in your favorite activities?

Those wild days and nights don’t have to be a fading memory.

Focus, memory, energy…

Heart health, blood sugar…

Even skin, and joints …all feeling younger again.

With this breakthrough, as the days and weeks go by, your body and mind can actually fight the aging process naturally

Of course, this isn’t simple to do.

But the basis behind the S.P.A.R. revolution started with Dr. Eikermann’s discovery in his half-destroyed laboratory…

He found tiny things inside mitochondria called phospholipids. They’re like the brick and mortar for mitochondria. They maintain their healthy, young structure and shape.


As time goes on, phospholipids get worn down

When this happens, the mitochondria “leak.”

Think of what happens when a battery’s shell gets cracked and you’ve got the right idea. When your mitochondria starts leaking, they can’t produce the energy your body needs.

Now, your phospholipids break down all the time. When you were young, your body simply replaced them.

But as you older, your body fell behind a bit.

Just a little at first. But over the years, it happens more and more…

If you’ve ever wondered why some tasks start to tire you out more than they used to

Now you know one major reason why.

When your phospholipids break down and aren’t replaced, your mitochondria can’t create the energy your body needs.

Even though scientists discovered the truth about mitochondria, phospholipids, and aging…

…they were still stuck.

They knew the key to more energy and feeling youthful was replacing those phospholipids…

…but how?

Very recently, The Institute for Molecular Medicine experimented with a way to replace these phospholipids.

Little did they realize they were bucking the trend of medicine

…and completely disrupting an entire industry…

It all started with a simple, little experiment.

The scientists who created a new way to replace these phospholipids, recruited volunteers to test it out…

Which would soon become the first phase of what we call S.P.A.R.

The scientists made sure ALL of the volunteers were older than 60. ALL of them felt tired and worn down.

They gave the volunteers this special new phospholipid treatment.

They didn’t add any exercise to their routine…

They didn’t eat any more strictly…

…or change their life in any other way.

Within a few weeks, the treatment powered up the volunteers’ mitochondria

How much?

To find out, the scientists did something that was absolutely genius. They also gathered mitochondria data from a healthy 29-year-old…

Then, in a small, 12-week study, they compared this 29-year-old’s mitochondria to the older volunteers, after they got the treatment. And guess what?

Just a few weeks of this special treatment made the 60 and 70-year-olds’ mitochondria look more like the 29-year-old’s.

They also reported feeling over 35% less tired and their mood improved a full 37%. I’m not surprised. Wouldn’t YOU be overjoyed and energized if you had the energy of a younger person in just a few weeks?

That’s why the doctor in charge of the study reported that this form of treatment is so groundbreaking. Remember how he said:

“We’ve taken people that were fatigued, 90 years old plus, we’ve improved their mitochondrial function to that of a 30-year-old.”

My friend, you’ve got your entire life ahead of you. This study shows it can be full of vim and vitality…and could even help you feel younger.

And you could feel the changes FAST…

In a follow-up study, the Institute found participants saw improved energy in as little as 7 days.

Just think about what you could do in just a week, when you properly replace your phospholipids and power up your mitochondria…

You could feel more mentally sharp, like your brain’s just woken up in a whole new way…

You might grab your bike and go for a fun ride around the block…

Sit down and start writing the book you’ve always wanted to…

Or plan a camping trip, get back to tending your garden…anything you want!

elderly couple in garden

One thing’s for sure. With this kind of energy, you’ll figure something out!

Of course, as you learned, replacing your phospholipids isn’t so simple…

You can’t just “take” a bunch of them by food or drink. Your stomach acid will destroy them before they have a chance to help your mitochondria.

For decades, scientists were stumped…

…until this group of chemists came up with an idea.

First, they theorized the phospholipids could reach the mitochondria…if they had some bodyguards.

In other words, something to protect the phospholipids from stomach acid…

Second, they worked with a specific kind of phospholipid that’s essential for human energy.

So here’s what the chemists did…

They combined these specific phospholipids with two special compounds.

Basically, these compounds could create a safe passageway for the phospholipids through the stomach and intestines.

Once they get through, the phospholipids race through the bloodstream, and flood around the mitochondria.

As soon as this happens, the scientists explain a process called Spontaneous Incorporation takes place. Basically, this means…

Your mitochondria soak up the fresh, new phospholipids…and they churn out life-changing energy like they did years and years ago

Because of this, you could feel younger.

Actually, science shows the way your body changes goes far beyond what you feel…

As you’re about to see…with another kind of ingredient that also supercharges your mitochondria…blood pressure…blood sugar…joint health…heart health… even brainpower could all improve. The S.P.A.R. process is, quite simply, unstoppable.

This is the next stage of healthcare and you’re getting first access.

At this point in history, the general population hasn’t heard about this breakthrough. Of course, that’s because S.P.A.R. is brand-new. Plus, let’s face it:

The mainstream media is controlled by Big Pharma. I’m sure you’ve noticed how every other ad on TV is for one of their products.

Fortunately, I uncovered the cutting-edge research.

The results have been nothing short of astonishing

As you heard before, I’m in my late 60s, but I have the energy of a teenager. My sons are very athletic, in their 20s, but I can still keep up with them on a steep mountain trail. People think I’m years and years younger than I really am.

Take a moment and consider what it could mean for you, when you begin feeling younger.

What’s worrying you about getting old right now?

How much of a relief is it going to be, when all that fades away?

How much fun are you going to have, when you get to enjoy fishing, gardening, a round of golf…all in one weekend?

As you consider the possibilities, it’s important for you to know…

Supporting the phospholipids in your mitochondria is just Phase 1 of S.P.A.R.

There are 3 phases. And when you properly go through all 3…

You could experience more comfortable joints, a better memory, you could lose weight…even erase your wrinkles. More on that in a moment…

But the bottom line is, you can complete all 3 phases by taking a single pill. It works so well, I want to make sure all seniors have access to this…

As a doctor who took the Hippocratic Oath, it is my sworn duty to spread the word about this new breakthrough.

This is the next generation of healthcare and you deserve to know about it.

Bottle of Metaphenol

This pill is called Metaphenol 27™.

Metaphenol 27 is my own private formula – using S.P.A.R. principles – for “rewinding” aging.

Before we go on, I need to be clear. Metaphenol 27 is NOT for everyone.

Bottle of Metaphenol

Even though it’s easy to use – just 3 capsules in the morning – Metaphenol 27 is not like any pill you’ve taken or heard about.

The pills may look the same as others you’ve taken before…but they’re in a completely different class.

A whole different category…simply because of what they do to your body.

To be clear, Metaphenol 27 is not a cheap compound to create.

The formula is made up of dozens of complex, cutting-edge scientific nutrients.

Someday, the science that is the foundation behind Metaphenol 27 (and S.P.A.R.) may become cheap and readily available – but that is decades away.

This is new…and…

Metaphenol 27 is currently the only way to experience S.P.A.R. for yourself

And to be frank, the S.P.A.R. elements in Metaphenol 27 make it a complete “age-rewind” system. When you use Metaphenol 27, you don’t need anything else

It could replace the dozens of supplement pills in your medicine cabinet.

So if you are ready to biologically “rewind old age” – and perhaps help your family do the same – then keep reading.

And for reasons I’ll discuss in a moment, Metaphenol 27 is available only through this presentation. Beware of imposters claiming they possess this formula.

The good news is, you don’t need a prescription for it.

I came up with a way for seniors across America to biologically “rewind” their aging. Yes, without flying to my medical practice for an appointment with me.

That’s because I’ve decided to release this formula to men and women over the age of 50, who are ready to use the future of healthcare to feel younger.

So let’s dive into exactly how it works:

It contains everything you need to complete all 3 phases of S.P.A.R.

As you know, the first phase is to support the phospholipids in your mitochondria.

You do this by taking the S.P.A.R. Phase 1 Compound.

It’s a specific kind of glycophospholipid that’s essential for energy, to power-up the body. It’s protected by United States Patent #8,877,239. (And don’t worry, there’s no need to memorize all these scientific terms.)

Now, that’s Phase 1. And it’s included in my Metaphenol 27 formula.

…but if you want to help undo your aging at a biological level and stay young, you need Phase 2.

Here’s how it works…

Your aging mitochondria face another obstacle, beyond wear and tear to their phospholipids as you age. They’re also under attack by dangerous things called free radicals.

You can’t see, taste, or hear these free radicals when they surround you…

But you can see their damage everywhere.

Think of the last time you bit into an apple and put it down. After a while, you saw how the exposed portion turned brown and mushy.

That’s because, on a microscopic level, the apple was invaded by free radicals.

When a car’s paint gets scraped, the same thing happens. The metal gets exposed and you know what happens next – especially if it gets drenched in water.

The metal begins to rust.

You’ve seen it all the time. On a microscopic level, invisible to the naked eye, the rust is actually damage from free radicals.


Unfortunately, humans also fall victim to this threat.

We’re constantly surrounded by all kinds of
free radicals

They’re in our air, food, drink, indoor spaces…

They affect our skin…our organs…

…and they’re an enemy to mitochondria.

Because of modern pollution, their damage is just getting worse.

For decades, researchers scrambled to find some kind of nutrient that could defeat these free radicals…

…but nothing worked.

Sure, some vitamins and “superfoods” can fight against free radicals. You may know them as “antioxidant-rich foods.”

I’m not bashing them…

…but taking antioxidants and hoping they’ll protect you from the worst free radicals…

…is part of the old way to try to “age gracefully.”

It was the best we could do…until now.

See, these scientists finally realized they were trying to solve the puzzle the wrong way.

So they changed their strategy and studied how young bodies defend themselves against free radicals.

They found the answer…and it wasn’t some magic food…

Or fancy exercise…

…and it isn’t just genetics or luck!

It turns out, the most powerful weapon you have against age-causing free radicals…is already inside your body.

And it has to do with the 2nd Phase of S.P.A.R.

Here’s exactly what they found:

When you were young, your body gushed out plenty of something called superoxide
dismutase, or SOD

SOD has one job:

Clobber free radicals…so your mitochondria stay healthy…so you stay energized and feeling and looking young.

Unfortunately, your SOD levels drop as you age. It’s just the way nature goes – unless science intervenes.

Once researchers discovered this, they chose a new mission: Create something that helps raise your SOD like it was when you were younger.

This wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, you can’t just take SOD as a pill. The closest you could come was getting injections…

…until the 2nd phase of S.P.A.R. was discovered.

It’s a compound that commands your SOD levels up. Way up.

Here’s proof of how powerful this compound is:

Scientists recruited volunteers to confirm its age-fighting power.

All the volunteers were overweight, with a slow-as-molasses metabolism.

The researchers asked them to eat a “standard” diet. The scientists also asked them to get 30 minutes of physical activity per week.

Yes, just 30 minutes per week. You could probably exercise that much just by parking farther from the store when you run errands!

Half of the volunteers got a mere placebo. The other half…got a daily dose of the S.P.A.R. Phase 2 compound – which these scientists developed.

Now, the scientists measured all kinds of things. They wanted to see dramatic results. After all, if something truly makes us younger, we should see and feel the changes.

What happened after 12 weeks?

For those who got the placebo…not much.

They remained overweight, and not as healthy as they could be.


Those who got the S.P.A.R. Phase 2 compound? Biologically, it was like they received a
whole new body

First, their LDL cholesterol improved over 10%...

Their HDL (good) cholesterol even went up 8%.


Down a full 14%. Same with their HbA1c – a crucial marker for blood sugar.

Then there’s inflammation. TIME Magazine, WebMD, and Harvard Medical School have written about what a villain it is, when it gets out of balance.

Normally, inflammation is a healthy response to certain stressors on our body. But if it gets out of balance, it can start to make us age faster than we want.

Scientists in Italy even published a report where they dubbed inflammation as inflamm-aging because of how it could keep you from feeling like the younger and more energized person you want to be.

Naturally, the researchers studied how the Phase 2 compound changed the volunteers’ inflammation.

I hope you’re sitting down…

It improved a full 61%.

inflamation levels graph

But that’s nothing…

The volunteers even lost 15 pounds

That’s right, 15 pounds in just 12 weeks…with just half an hour of physical activity per week!

And it was pure fat. Straight from their belly – which shrank like magic.

before and after weight loss

Perhaps most astounding of all, was how they felt.

Remember the last time you tried to lose some extra weight? If you’re like millions of other Americans over the age of 50, you got hit with a wave of exhaustion. You didn’t get any results…and you gave up.

And why wouldn’t you? Who wants to turn their life upside-down with exercises and diets that don’t even work?

These volunteers had a different experience

They felt more energy…

The scientists even measured how much better they felt with a survey.

The volunteers said they felt significantly better than before getting this compound

Take a moment and imagine…

You sign up for a cutting-edge experiment…take a simple pill for 12 weeks… and you feel so good…

…you tell the researchers you feel so much better than when you started.

Not to mention this component helped participants shrink their bellies and improved their energy.

Seems a little crazy, right?

Especially when the scientists reported their triglycerides and HbA1c improved too…

…and their cholesterol was also better.

You might ask, “What the heck is going on?”

Well here’s the thing…

See, the researchers who created this amazing compound took another measurement at the end of those 12 weeks…

Remember earlier, when you learned about free radicals? And how your body fights them by making SOD?

I think you know where I’m going with this…

The scientists measured the volunteers’ SOD, as well.

They ended up with levels 30% higher.

SOD levels graph

It’s true…

Their bodies were pulsating with 30% more of the chemical our bodies make to STAY YOUNG…

no wonder they reported feeling younger!

30% higher SOD…for better cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides…lower belly fat and an incredible increase in energy…

Because of these amazing results from the scientific studies, I made sure to include the S.P.A.R. Phase 2 Compound in my Metaphenol 27 formula.

Before we move on, I need to give a little warning

I’ll go into more detail in a bit, but let me caution you upfront:

When your body goes through the changes that S.P.A.R. delivers…things might get a little awkward between you and your friends.

After all, if your buddies – or at least the folk you see at the club or church – all complain about how tired they are…it’s going to be strange when they see you virtually getting younger.

Even as a doctor… I’ve had to deal with this. There’s simply no way I can relate to my baby boomer-aged colleagues. At least, those who don’t take advantage of S.P.A.R.

With that said, let’s finish the breakdown of how S.P.A.R. works.

We’ve covered the first 2 Phases of “rewinding” your biological age.

First, we flood the mitochondria with new phospholipids, so they stay solid and churn out maximum life-giving energy…

…then raise SOD levels to protect mitochondria from dangerous free radical damage…

At this point, you’re ready for Phase 3 –
the final phase

It’s time to flip a specific switch in the body…

The switch that helps the body to build more and more mitochondria.

Earlier, you learned you lose mitochondria as you age. The average 80-year-old is practically drained, compared to a 5-year-old.

But thanks to Nobel Prize-winning research, it’s now possible to continue to build new mitochondria as you get older.

Here’s the secret:

Inside your body is a molecule called nitric oxide. It’s so powerful, the medical journal Science named nitric oxide Molecule of the Year.

Nitric oxide does many things. First, it signals your blood to flow like an oxygen-rich, life-giving river everywhere in your body.

Without nitric oxide, your blood vessels constrict. The flow slows down.

This is bad enough. But here’s another important aspect of nitric oxide:

It controls your body’s creation of mitochondria.

When you have plenty of nitric oxide, your body makes plenty of mitochondria, giving you constant energy and radiant health

But when your nitric oxide levels go down, your body slows down mitochondria production.

When your old mitochondria get worn out…it makes you feel older. Think of how much more tired you’ve gotten in the last few years…

Now here’s the thing:

When you were young, your body gushed out nitric oxide like a firehose.

But that changes as you age…

Unfortunately, from the time we’re fit, healthy 20-year-olds to the time we become 70-year-olds…our nitric oxide levels can drop 75%…from a practically raging river to a sad trickle.

Nitric Oxide Levels chart

It’s easy to see the correlation here.

Here’s the good news:

When you ramp your nitric oxide levels back up…your body generates fresh, new mitochondria.

It’s just like switching all the factory equipment back ON.


With a supply of phospholipids and protection from free radicals, your mitochondria can be healthier and supported

And you could even feel brand new too.

When this happens, you’ll complete all 3 S.P.A.R. phases of fighting your biological age.

Now, as you’ve learned with the other molecules that maintain good health, nitric oxide isn’t something you can “take.”

Even though the founder of the Nobel Prize himself, Alfred Nobel, understood the power of nitric oxide…medical science had no idea how to raise your levels.

However, 20 years after Dr. Eikermann made his breakthrough, another German scientist solved this piece of the puzzle.

He found that...even if you can’t “take” nitric oxide…you CAN trigger your body to release more.


This scientist discovered a compound that…once you ingest it…commands your body to gush out nitric oxide like you were 20-years-old again!

You simply need it in the proper form and the proper amount.

It’s certainly not cheap. But the peer-reviewed clinical evidence of its ability to slow down the aging process…is astonishing.

First, it helps enhance blood flow. Because of this, you could improve your blood pressure in 12 weeks.

French and German researchers found it helps make your vision clearer, as well.

Next, it can help relieve pain in aging, overworked joints. Here’s the story:

156 men and women with overworked, uncomfortable joints, were given either this compound or a placebo for 12 weeks.

As expected, the group taking the placebo didn’t feel much of any relief.

But for the other group, within mere weeks…

Their stiff joints felt twice as loose and relaxed

They reported that their discomfort was practically cut in half – actually, more than half – a full 56%...

As a bonus, even their digestive health and how they felt overall improved over 60%.

Life with their “younger” body was truly better

But this isn’t about just a younger body…

…what about your brain? Let’s take a quick look at that, before revealing how YOU can take advantage of this 3-phase protocol.

Australian scientists discovered your mitochondria are crucial for a young mind too.

Here’s a fact which should have made front-page news:

Scientists at the Emory University School of Medicine discovered that as we age, important parts of our mitochondria decrease in our brain.

But a recent study on this compound is giving American seniors hope…and changing how science sees our own brains…

Volunteers up to 70-years-old, were recruited to take this compound for a full year. Others got a placebo.

After a year, those who got the placebo were not fortunate. Some suffered from…

Less focus…

Worse mental performance…

A tougher time making decisions…

…and a weaker memory (tested almost 10% worse – yikes!

No wonder their mood also went down. It’s no fun realizing you’re not as sharp, and vibrant as you used to be

But now there is a better way.

Thanks to new science, you don’t have to accept feeling old

Not even your brain power. See for yourself…

The group who took this compound for a year reported…

33% BETTER mental performance…

37% STRONGER memory…

41% SHARPER focus…

A whopping 72% greater decision-making ability…

…and, of course, their mood improved over 55%. Wouldn’t yours?

Imagine making one simple change and then…one year from today…scientific tests confirming a smarter, more focused you, with a superior memory to boot.

The brain

I’m sure that’d give anyone’s mood a boost…

Especially when you’re already solving crossword puzzles with ease, becoming a star trivia player…and even finally working on writing that book…

…and I don’t blame you if you’d like to discover your true potential for yourself.

Now you can, with this S.P.A.R. Phase 3 Compound. It’s the final part of my Metaphenol 27 formula.

To be frank, I’m amazed this kind of formula is available today.

I predicted it would be another 10-20 years before “age-rewinding” science reached this stage

But I’m glad to admit I was wrong. And in just a moment, you’ll have your opportunity to try the whole thing.

First, there’s something else you might be wondering…

We’ve already covered how the ingredients in 3-Phase “age-rewinding” S.P.A.R. breakthrough could help…

Improve your blood pressure…

Lower your triglycerides…

Promote healthy blood sugar

Boost your decision-making brain power...

Make you feel more energized

…and even make you feel better head to toe

…with some results starting in as little as 7 days.

It’s even been shown to help study participants lose 15 pounds – especially from the belly – in just 12 weeks.

I understand that, even if you want to feel younger than your age…not everyone is interested in looking younger. Maybe you don’t want extra attention, especially from younger members of the opposite sex.

With that said, let me briefly cover how S.P.A.R. could help tighten and smooth your skin.

Because scientists have already completed the clinical tests.

In one, they recruited women up to 68-years-old and gave them 12 weeks of this Phase 3 Compound.

The scientists measured how their skin improved. But they also went deeper…

They wanted to see if the Phase 3 Compound could help pause your skin’s age at
the genetic level

What they discovered is changing what we know about biology

First, because this compound raises levels of something called hyaluronic acid. Plastic surgeons use hyaluronic acid to make your skin – especially your lips – look younger.

It works only if you inject it or…

…if your levels are naturally high.

And guess what? This compound helps the body naturally produce hyaluronic acid.

That’s not all…

A tiny dose of the Phase 3 Compound powers up the COL1A1 and COL1A2 genes.

Now, to a skin scientist, this is amazing.

Because these genes control how much collagen the body makes. You’ve probably read about collagen in the magazines or heard about it on daytime news.

Here’s all you need to know about collagen:

facelift. Young to Old

Look at the difference between the woman on the left and the right. Same eyes, same features…

But one looks much older than the other one.

You see the difference between her smooth skin…and her wrinkles. The tightness…and the sagging and bagging. But here’s what nobody sees with their naked eye

ALL these differences come down to only one thing. And it’s hidden beneath your skin’s surface…

…your collagen.

Your body uses collagen like a delicate fabric.

This fabric supports your skin and keeps it in place.

In other words,

This collagen fabric keeps your skin tight, smooth, lifted, and looking young

As you age, your collagen begins to dry up and break down. As a result, your skin gets treated like an old shirt with a stretched-out neckline.

But unlike a shirt, your skin can regenerate…if…you know the secret how.

See for yourself:

facelift. Old to Young

Okay, let’s take another look at the women who took this compound for 12 weeks…

And it’s no surprise their skin got tighter, smoother…more hydrated…and their wrinkles vanished.

Without any trip to a spa or clinic.

Instead, their skin was transformed from the inside out. It’s like their skin got younger.

Like I said, not everyone’s interested in extra attention. So consider yourself warned…

…because that’s simply how all three phases of S.P.A.R. could work inside your body.

Younger skin could be an unstoppable side-effect.

Now, it’s just about time for you to discover
how much S.P.A.R. can help
“rewind” biological aging…

There’s one last thing you need to know…and it’s “adults only.” My apologies in advance if you’re easily offended.

As you learned, the Phase 3 Compound works by raising nitric oxide levels, which improves your blood flow.

Now imagine what happens to a certain part of your body when this blood flow trickle transforms into a something like a strong raging river.

You don’t have to guess, because Bulgarian researchers found out. They designed a unique experiment where they gave male volunteers something called l-arginine. This is a simple amino acid – anyone can get it by eating a piece of steak or a hamburger.

After a month of huge doses of l-arginine, only a measly 5% of the men experienced improvements to their erections. Nothing worth planning a romantic evening around.

Then the researchers added a little bit of the S.P.A.R. Phase 3 Compound – less than what I recommend…

…and a whopping 80% of the men sprang to life.

When they received 120 mg of it, over 92% of them sported rock-hard erections like they were teenagers again.

Whether you’re interested in adding heat to your sex life or not, it’s fun to know you could get this side-benefit from this formula.

After all,

When your blood flow improves, and your mitochondria get younger…every part of your mind and body can feel younger as well

The process is simply unstoppable.

That’s how the final phase in S.P.A.R.’s “age-rewind” works.

Here’s the great news…

Even though these compounds are not cheap to create, I managed to get my hands on ALL 3 to complete the Metaphenol 27 S.P.A.R. formula.

Okay, we’ve covered a lot here today, so I’ll recap:

After decades of research, scientists have finally cracked the code on fighting biological age.

It’s the next step in “rewinding aging,” and you have a chance to try it

We don’t have to worry about embarrassing “senior moments.” We don’t have to live another moment with aching, overworked joints interfering with the things we used to love. We don’t have to even think about slowing down.

Instead, you could enjoy the best years of your life now and to come. You could start to feel like your life’s just beginning again. The party’s just getting started and you can finally join in…

eldery people cheering

The scientific secret comes down to your mitochondria. When they stay strong, protected, and keep growing…you can feel “young”.

By using the compounds that make this 3-Phase S.P.A.R. formula, real people from scientific studies have achieved…

Better blood sugar

Improved blood pressure

Smoother skin

Less discomfort from overworked joints…

72% boosted decision-making brain power...

Feeling more energy

…and they feel better overall.

The age-fighting starts in as little as 7 days.

Now it’s decision-time.

This groundbreaking formula is completely unique…and not available anywhere else.

It took me over 30 years of practicing medicine before I finally got the chance to assemble all the pieces of S.P.A.R....

But now, this new breakthrough is finally ready.

Are you sick of achy, overworked joints?

Do you want to feel smarter, more focused, and enjoy a better memory as time goes on?

Do you want to feel more confident about your heart health?

And not drag through the afternoon because you’re so tired?

How would you like people to think you’re younger than you really are?

Is this something you’re satisfied just fantasizing about…or do you want it to come true for you?

Are you ready to step aboard this train, before it leaves the station?

The fact is, you can’t un-know what you learned today.

Now, you’re standing at a crossroads. You have only 2 choices.

  1. You can do nothing. You can accept that your mitochondria are slowing down, causing fatigue and making you feel older by the day.
  2. Or…you can get your hands on the 3-Phase Metaphenol 27 breakthrough…and use the S.P.A.R. process to help give your mitochondria exactly what they need to help you feel younger.

I hope the choice for you is clear. However, if you delay, there’s no guarantee you’ll even be able to get a supply.

Again, Metaphenol 27 is not cheap. A breakthrough of this caliber never is. And it includes dozens of cutting-edge scientific ingredients taken daily in 3 small pills.

There’s nothing else like Metaphenol 27 out there

For the first time, science has come together, and these three compounds can join forces for all 3 phases of S.P.A.R. so you become young again.

If you’re concerned about the investment to “rewind” your biological age, consider this:

Metaphenol 27 is still more affordable than “standard treatments” that merely hide your aging.

Yet you can get Metaphenol 27 for just a fraction of all that price.

With the help of a rebate offer you can only access through this presentation, we’ve broken things down so your age-fighting investment is less than purchasing a daily fancy coffee. Here’s how:

A one-month supply of Metaphenol 27 normally retails for $399. It’s the bargain of a lifetime…but that’s not what you have to invest on this page’s special offer.

First, you’ll get $200 off, as an instant rebate. That’s just $199 for a full 1-month supply.

Plus, if you chose a 3 or 6 bottle option, you save up to an additional 45% off the normal retail price.

Whatever option you’ll choose, as long as you reserve your supply from this page, you’ll see the $200 rebate has already been applied.

I understand if this is a bit of a stretch for some. But consider – what is restoring your young body and mind worth to you? You can’t find a formula of this caliber on the discount shelves. S.P.A.R. is the future of “rewinding” aging. We’re lucky to even have access to something like this, today.

And not only that, in a moment from now I’ll explain how you can try Metaphenol 27 with ZERO risk. More details on that shortly…

With Metaphenol 27, your body can feel energized from the inside out.

Imagine a retirement where you enjoy decade after decade of excitement and adventure…

This can be your future, as long as you have the 3-phase S.P.A.R. formula your mitochondria are starving for.

With that said, here’s the complete breakdown of what you’ll receive in this groundbreaking 3-phase solution:

You get 2,600 mg of United States Patented S.P.A.R. Phase 1 Compound – the NT Factor glycophospholipid to supply your mitochondria with strengthening phospholipids

900 mg of S.P.A.R. Phase 2 Compound – which is called FIIT-Metabolic – to protect your mitochondria against the dangerous, destructive free radicals that make you feel older…

…and 100 mg of our S.P.A.R. Phase 3 Compound – called pycnogenol – which is patented and will trigger your body to make more mitochondria…

…which helps give you a better memory, more focus, smoother skin, sharper vision, and a healthier heart.

I worked with my team at Solaire Nutraceuticals to carefully combine this complete 3-phase S.P.A.R. formula into a single, convenient capsule.

Now, with Metaphenol 27’s unrivaled 3-phase S.P.A.R. formula

eldery man and woman meditating

You could enjoy a younger, stronger
mind and body

But there is one thing…

The only way to get my exclusive formula is right here, right now.

Please understand, this biological age-fighting combination doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Today, however…you can get it delivered straight to your door.

As you’ve learned, S.P.A.R. is the next leap forward in anti-aging breakthroughs. It addresses every single concern you have about your health today…by “rewinding” your age.

It’s completely unique and unrivaled.

Because it helps fight aging by revitalizing mitochondria, you could feel the benefits all over your body

Better blood pressure…

Better triglycerides…

Better blood sugar

Boosts decision-making brain power...

Makes you feel more energized…

…and even makes you feel better overall.

It’s verified by science and your body could begin experiencing results in as little as 7 days.

That’s how my breakthrough 3-phase S.P.A.R. Metaphenol 27 formula works.

And it will work for you.

Yes, even if you’ve tried other things in the past but you never felt a difference. This is completely different and new.

Like all my Solaire Nutraceutical formulas, Metaphenol 27 is created in a certified facility right here in the United States. And it’s also non-GMO.

Metaphenol 27 is absolutely top-notch, with the perfect levels of these rare S.P.A.R. compounds to ensure you fight your biological age

In addition, taking Metaphenol 27 is easy – just 3 tiny capsules with breakfast.

When the formula enters your system, you’ll flood your mitochondria with EXACTLY what they need to “rewind” your aging. It will happen just as you’ve learned about in this presentation.

It’s the exact formula your body is begging for…so you can stop feeling tired, aching, or old…and enjoy your young life again.

Now that you’ve been presented with your choice, it’s time for you to make the right decision

You can continue along the same path you’re on now.

Unless you use S.P.A.R. to “rewind” the aging in your mitochondria, you’re just going to feel more of the same. Your vision won’t improve. And neither will your blood pressure, blood sugar, fatigue, and brain fog.

Consider the path your parents took. They didn’t have the opportunity you have now.

Instead of denying yourself, make the decision to test out Metaphenol 27.

For a small investment, you could get to feel young again

…like you’ve returned to your prime…with energy, strength, and a younger look.

How would it feel to fly through your day with the confidence you enjoyed back then?

With Metaphenol 27, you won’t have to worry about slowing down and missing out…

You won’t have to “take things easy” or stop doing the fun things you love…

…and you won’t have to feel as old, achy and tired!

Once you start using the technology in Metaphenol 27

The phospholipids will race to your mitochondria to strengthen them…

Your mitochondria will be protected from free radicals…

…and your body will get the signal to release a flood of brand-new mitochondria, pumping them to more youthful levels.

And very soon, you’ll get what I like to call “the best doctor’s appointment of your life”

It’s when you stride into the doctor’s office…

You admit your knees feel like brand new because your joint discomfort is VANISHING

Just for fun, you might ask your doctor about something he mentioned the year before, just to see if he notices your sharper memory

He looks at you with wide eyes and says, “Yeah he’s doing great…wow your memory’s sharp as a tack! Plus, you’re looking trimmer – you must be getting plenty of activity these days.”

You shrug your shoulders, wondering how to explain how you just seem younger than your last visit.

Patient visiting a doctor

Finally, he shakes his head and admits your stress must be down because you even look younger. Of course, you know it’s S.P.A.R.’s 3rd Phase, turning back time in your skin.

As you wrap up your appointment you realize this is your new reality with “young again” cells. All thanks to S.P.A.R. and Metaphenol 27.

And it’s certainly a nice bonus, when you add up how much money you could save, with your newfound more youthful health.

Instead, you’re enjoying your life again, like you’ve always been meaning to. Without thinking about your health.

You have the energy for hiking, fishing, working in your garden…

Going on vacations you’ve been putting off, or even projects around the house…

Don’t be surprised if a few friends give you a double-take, wondering what’s gotten into you.

Actually, that brings up a warning I tell my patients, and I’m only half-joking:

When the S.P.A.R. process begins, you might find a little friction develop between you and your friends. After all, it’ll be tough for them to keep up with someone who’s looking younger and feeling energized.

They won’t know the reason why, but you will.

It’ll be important for you to keep in mind…

Everyone else may be getting older…but you’re loving life…like a young person again

But you don’t have to take my word for it. You don’t even need to trust the scientific support about S.P.A.R.

I’m so confident this formula is going to “rewind” your biological age, I want you to try Metaphenol 27 with ZERO risk.

That’s right…you have an unlimited guarantee when you try Metaphenol 27 today.

Methaphenol guarantee Bottle

Here’s how it works…

Reserve your own supply of Metaphenol 27 today.

Then, when it arrives in a week or so, open it immediately.

Follow the instructions and start taking Metaphenol 27 daily.

Then…enjoy your life.

Just take Metaphenol 27 every day and let S.P.A.R. get to work

In as little as 7 days, you could begin to notice your energy is up. Way up.

As the weeks go by, you could start getting up every morning feel fresh and limber because those overworked joints could be a thing of the past.

Your focus will sharpen, like a super computer, and you could remember everything you need.

Plus, every time you’re near a mirror, you could get a fun reminder of how much younger you look.

If for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

Let me repeat that…for any reason at all, simply request a refund and we’ll be happy to oblige.

And your guarantee NEVER expires.

You can request a refund any time in the future — it could be 6 months from now…a year…there is no limit or expiration.

This way,

There’s no pressure…and no risk… when you try Metaphenol 27 today

That’s how I run things at my clinic and I’m extending that courtesy to you.

In a few moments, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve your supply.

When the button appears below, click on it with your mouse and fill out your shipping information on the next page.

If you do so today, you’ll notice your $200 rebate already applied.

Once you complete your reservation, we’ll begin packing your shipment of Metaphenol 27 and we’ll rush it your way.

Just a few short days from now, you’ll receive a plain package from USPS.

Carefully packed inside will be your initial supply of Metaphenol 27.

I recommend you immediately bring your Metaphenol 27 supply into your kitchen, open it up…

…and take your first three capsules with water or the beverage of your choice.

Don’t make any other changes to your life…

…because you won’t have to.

Day by day, S.P.A.R. will strengthen
your mitochondria

The benefits will happen on their own…

If you’re ready for a new breakthrough to help give you better blood pressure, lower triglycerides, and better blood sugar

Less discomfort in overworked joints…

More decision-making BRAIN POWER…

Feel more ENERGY…

…and make you flat-out feel better

…starting in as little as 7 days…

…then go ahead and click the button below now.

It will take you to our secure reservation page, where you can select your supply of Metaphenol 27.

Do click the button now. I’ll see you on the other side

For Metaphenol 27 and Solaire Nutraceuticals, I’m Dr. Richard Gerhauser.

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